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Holiday Rental Waste Management - What You Need to Know

Commercial Waste Services

Holiday Rental Waste Management - What You Need to Know

Holiday rental waste management guide

Living in a tourist destination like Minehead we are often asked about the legal requirements for Holiday lets, bed & breakfasts, Airbnb's, self catering accommodation and rental properties in Somerset. In this article we are going to look at the legal requirements and offer some tips and advice on everything to do with disposing of waste generated by a Holiday rental or let accomodation.

Holiday Rental Waste Management - What You Need to Know

Do I need to have a commercial or business waste collection service for my holiday let?

In short, Yes. If you let your property to paying guests then you are not allowed to leave your waste out for local council collection. These properties are deemed to be “domestic properties used in the course of a business for the provision of self-catering accommodation”. All this information can be found on the The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 website. These rules also apply even if you are not registered for business rates and regardless of the amount of days that you let the property for each year.

Why can't I just take it to the recycling centre myself?

Some holiday rental owners are tempted to collect and transport their rubbish and take it to the local tip, however to transport business waste in your car or van you will need to have a waste carrier licence. This is regardless of the amount and most tips or recycling centres won't accept commercial waste. Holiday let owners who are caught will likely be fined for this.

Who to select for your commercial waste services

Firstly you need to select a waste carrier who is registered with the Environmental Agency and has the relevant licence. These are mainly split into 2 groups national waste services like Biffa and Local ones like us Manor from Heaven. For more information on why using a local waste carrier can be more cost effective and environmentally friendly see our guide here

You will need a waste transfer notice every time waste is removed from your property. This is essentially your proof that it was disposed of legally and correctly. Waste transfer notices are required to be kept for at least 2 years as proof for the council.

How to reduce waste collection costs?

In order to effectively ensure that your waste is cleared correctly when its collected we would suggest that you are prepared with the right boxes and bins for your visitors to recycle their own waste as they would in their own homes.

Providing a section in your welcome pack or guide and labelling the bins clearly can greatly lower your costs of sorting whilst benefiting the local environment. The key is to reduce the amount of waste generated at the property and help your guests do the recycling for you.

Make sure you leave clear instructions on when the waste is to be collected and highlight the schedule to make certain that any rubbish is removed and additional collections aren't required. 

One of the benefits of using a local holiday rental waste collection service like that supplied by Manor from Heaven is that they can be flexible in collection times and even offer additional collections during busy periods. 

What waste needs to be collected?

You will need to make sure that your waste collection service can collect a wide variety of refuse types including glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, food and general waste.

There are usually single bins options where a company will sort the refuse for you (not food or nappies). Or alternatively there are multi box, bag or bin options which guests will need to sort as they go.

Some companies offer storage options and can provide wheelie bins and recycling boxes if required. Other services include bin cleaning which ensures that they remain hygienic, reduce smells and are less attractive to flies and animals. This can make a great impression to any guests.

Food waste must be disposed of in containers or boxes that can be sealed and should be cleaned regularly. 

If you have a composting bin then food waste can be a great way of creating rich food for your garden along with cardboard, paper bags and vegetable peelings.

What's the best time for waste to be collected from a holiday rental?

Access to your property may determine how easy it is for a waste company to collect from your holiday rental. More rural properties may need to consider using a local or national company that can negotiate narrow roads with smaller vehicles.

If you are thinking of using a larger national company this will likely cost more as it will be a custom service outside of their standard package. Local waste clearance firms are more likely to be more cost effective as they will use smaller vehicles and understand the local area more effectively.

Another benefit of using a local company will be how flexible they are with collections from your holiday let. Having a clean property is essential when new guest arrive and as such local holiday rental waste management service providers like Manor from Heaven offer custom collection times and various rubbish removal plans to help make sure you only pay for what you need, when you need it. For more information call us today

Our top tips to reduce your holiday rental waste management costs 

  • Create a bin schedule included in your welcome pack with clear dates for collection.
  • Label bins or bags, each highlighting a different type of waste.
  • Provide a range of bins for guests to use. This will encourage them to recycle items like they do at home like paper, cardboard, and plastics.
  • Create reminders in the property about recycling. This will help maximise the properties recycling possibilities.
  • Make sure all boxes and bags are stored in a secure location, not visible to birds or other animals. A covered area can ensure that nothing will be knocked over in strong gales or inclement weather as rain could prevent waste from being recycled.
  • Add a plastic sealed food waste bin or a compost as certain food waste can be used in the property’s garden.
  • Don't let your guests leave rubbish alongside a neighbours or on the street for a curbside collection by the council, this could result in you being fined and prosecuted.
  • Promote good recycling etiquette by encouraging that guests use the system provided and increasing participation.
  • Offer rewards or prizes for recycling effectively and leaving the property in a clean manor. 
  • Check the total costs for the service. This should consider the bins, collection, recycling, sorting, and the collection frequency. You may have the option to pay a one-off-charge for the bins or rent them within the service charge. It may be more cost effective to buy the bins in the long run.

What are the benefits of commercial waste collection?

Here are just a few benefits to having your holiday rental waste collected commercially:

  • compliance with the waste regulations
  • increasing the frequency of collection during peak periods
  • matching collections to fit in on or before your changeover days
  • no risk of being fined
  • promote recycling & reduce environmental impact


If you are looking to ensure your holiday business is legal and compliant whilst offering a great experience for your guests then using a professional holiday rental commercial waste collection service like the one Manor from Heaven supply in Minehead, Porlock, Watchet, Williton, Washford, Lynton & Lynmouth and across West Somerset is a great solution. 

Why not all us today to find out how we can help you stay clean, clear and compliant with your business waste.

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