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What are the benefits of using a local business waste management service in Somerset?

Commercial Waste Services

What are the benefits of using a local business waste management service in Somerset?

Local Business Waste Management Services in Somerset

As a commercial waste management specialist, we’re always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition. One of the things we’ve noticed is that when you hire a local company to take care of your business waste, you often end up getting a better service—which can save you money.

In this article we are going to look at the benefits of choosing a local waste management company for your business rubbish collections and how it is usually advantageous to use a company like Manor from Heaven's business waste management services.

Why should local businesses hire local waste management services?

Hiring local waste management companies is the most economical option as compared to hiring a national waste management company. There are a lot of advantages of hiring local waste management companies. Some of the benefits are listed below:

1. You save money

If price is your only consideration then choosing a national company like Biffa or Viridor can be the way to go for your business. However local waste management companies are likely to be a more cost effective solution in the long run.

The reason for this is that they can offer more flexible collection times and if required additional collections during busy periods. National companies have set routes and if for any reason there is a delay or issues with collections on your route this can create large build ups of rubbish which could result in fines for your business.

This is why you will save money in the long run and how a local waste management company could be the right choice for you.

2. You get quality services

As the name suggests, local waste management companies are located in the same place as your business. That means if your waste management service uses the local resources to sort and dispose of your waste then you are not only helping a local business which can improve the economy of an area but else reducing the effect on the environment.

With reputation being key in the digital world and a wide variety of options its likely a local collection service will be keen to provide a top quality service to ensure their reputation in an area. 

3. You get customized services

This is another reason that you should hire local waste management companies. They can offer a bespoke service and price it to your needs, however when you hire a national waste management company you will get the standard services from them which may not be suitable for your business.

4. You will get to know the people of your waste management company

When you hire a local waste management company then you will get to know the people of the company from the waste management consultant who books and quotes your collection to the team who turn up to sort and clear your waste. It goes without saying that the personal relationship and level of service you will get when using a local collection service will be higher than that of a national waste management company. There will be no more waiting in a long queue to chat to someone about any queries you have.

5. You will know where your waste is going

Local business waste management companies will likely use local services to recycle and dispose of any waste your business uses. This ensures that a greater amount can be recycled as they will be working with other waste disposal experts to sort smaller amounts of rubbish allowing more time to ensure that it is correctly disposed of, and for a higher recycling rate. At Manor from Heaven waste management services our goal is 95% of waste to be recycled. 

6. Lower carbon footprint and environmental impact

It goes without saying that especially in rural areas like West Somerset & Devon the effect of large lorries driving in and out areas can be high. Not only is there the increase in CO2 emissions from the vehicles there is also the distance that waste and rubbish needs to be transported to get to their recycling centres. The environmental impact of this can be detrimental to rural areas.

A local waste management company like Manor from Heaven waste management services will have less impact on the environment as they will likely be using smaller vehicles, have less distance to travel and be using local services to dispose of and recycle your business waste.


By hiring a local waste management company you will find that there are advantages above of just price. A local waste management company can be the way to go if you are looking for a service that is 

  • Convenient
  • Cost effective
  • Custom to you
  • Flexible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Offers a low carbon footprint
  • Helps the local economy
  • Personal service

Why choose a local business waste management company like Manor from Heaven?

The most effective way to ensure you don’t end up with a pile of waste is to hire a local company. They know where your rubbish ends up, and how best to recycle it.

Waste management is an important part of running a successful business. It can cost you a fortune , and make a big difference to your bottom line and the environment you live in.

However, small businesses often don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to this issue. Luckily, a waste management company like Manor from Heaven can help.

Local Business Waste Management Collection FAQ's

Do you need a special licence to dispose of commercial waste?

Commercial waste removal providers must be licensed by the Environment Agency and be authorised to carry and dispose of business waste. They must produce Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes for each disposal to ensure you remain compliant.

Using an unlicensed carrier can lead to penalties and prosecution, as it is the business that carries the Duty of Care to ensure their business waste is dealt with properly.

Can I just dispose of my waste in private bins for the council to remove?

Not taking responsibility for the safe disposal of business waste can have serious consequences.

If you work from home it can be difficult to tell what’s residential rubbish and what’s commercial, but if you are found to be breaching the Code of Practice it may result in prosecution. If you have a small business, shop, holiday let or your work from home there are rules and regulations with regards what is classed as business and domestic waste.

Offences can be:

  • Disposing of business waste in domestic bins.
  • Throwing away trade waste at a household recycling centre.
  • Any other disposal method not following best practice.

Disposing of business waste is challenging, and you must prove that you have disposed of business waste legally, so keeping records and documentation is crucial if you want to go through the correct process. That's why using a local waste management collection service like Manor from Heavens is recommended. 

Why should businesses hire local waste management companies?

Local waste management companies are local businesses and they will be able to provide a better service than a national company.

Local companies will be able to see what is going on in the community and will be able to know what the needs of the specific business are. They will also be able to assist with the laws and regulations that are in effect and be able to help with commercial waste compliance.

Are local waste management companies more expensive than national companies?

In the short term yes, however local waste management companies in the long term are likely to be more cost effective because of the benefits listed above.

What should businesses do to reduce their waste?

To reduce their waste, businesses can use recycling programs, composting bins, and recycling bins. They can also look at what they throw away and see if there is anything else they can reuse.

Is it true that companies that actively recycle have a better image?

Yes, companies that recycle have a better image for their brand, business or shop. The effects that a local business has on its environment can make a huge impact to the reputation and values that it shows to its customers and clients. That's why supporting a local waste collection and management business can be so effective in improving the way your organisation is perceived and creating a community.

Are businesses that hire a local waste management company less likely to be fined by the council?

By ensuring that your waste is collected when you most need it to be a local waste management service can effectively reduce your chances of being fined by the local council. This is likely to save you money in the long run and improve how your clients perceive your business.

How does a national waste management company differ from a local waste management company?

A national waste management company will have a large network of trucks that can move throughout the country. They will also have larger equipment that can handle more waste. The main companies like Biffa and Viridor will use one of only 30 area based landfill and recycling centres to sort and dispose of any waste. This can mean, especially in rural areas, that their carbon footprint can be extremely detrimental to the environment that they service.

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