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How to Stop Fly Tipping In Somerset

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How to Stop Fly Tipping In Somerset

How to Stop Fly Tipping In Somerset

Sadly at this time we are seeing a lot of fly tipping around at the moment. Please remember to always check who ever is taking your items to the tip, single items or multiple they must have a waste carriers license, they can produce this very easily either with a visual card, or like the one in our picture.

Can you be fined for fly tipping?

Yes the current fine for fly tipping is £400 however this is given to the owner of the items or rubbish that has been disposed of illegally. This is why choosing a registered waste carrier is so important as liability remains with the owners rather than the perpetrators who will continue to illegally dispose of waste in this manner. Currently the best way to stop them is to not use them.

What impact does fly tipping have on the environment?

The environmental impact of even a single occasion when items have been dumped in rural areas is massive. In our experience the items that are mostly tipped in this way are tyres, plastics, hardcore, batteries and hazardous liquids. As you can imagine the time it takes for these to degrade is likely 100's of years. Its 50-80 years for a tyre

What can we do about fly tipping?

Only together can we ensure that the waste from house and rubbish clearances is disposed of correctly. below are some checks you should make before employing a man with a van or house clearance business.

  • Check they are a registered waste carrier who has a Upper tier licence. lower tier is only for personal business use.
  • Look for their Website, Google Business Profile, Social media and any reviews or comments they have received. If they look professional and have experience and testimonials then you will likely have piece of mind and be in safe hands
  • Are they a registered business and are they accredited in any way.

What we are doing about fly tipping in Somerset

At Manor from Heaven we love the place we live in and often spend time clearing waste that has been illegally dumped. We have seen an increase of this in the beautiful area of Exmoor and we are doing all we can to ensure that this doesn't cause irreparable damage to the wildlife and environment.

So if you're looking for a 5 Star rated business of Google then Manor From Heaven can help with all your

  • House Clearances
  • Garage Clearances
  • Single/part Clearances
  • House Removals/Logistics
  • Garden Clearance
  • Man Van Van service
  • Scrap Metal Collection

Let’s keep our countryside beautiful.
All our love,
The MFH Team x

Manor from Heaven is a top rated 5 star Google business.

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