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Tops Tips for Your House Clearance when Moving Home


Tips for Your House Clearance when Moving Home

Top Tips for Clearing a house for moving home

Probably the best time to declutter a house can be when you are planning to move. A new move presents a perfect opportunity to walk around the house and look for items you might not need once you start your new life. You’ll lighten your load significantly.

The benefits include saving time and money on packing, transportation and then unpacking things that you don’t really want any more. Decluttering before moving house, is not just a question of basic cleanliness and interior organisation, but ends up being an important part of giving yourself some peace of mind.

Below are some tips and tricks to help with your pre move clearout.

House Clearance Techniques to Declutter Before Moving Home

Start Early –

You should plan to start packing at least 2 months before you are due to move. This will give you enough time to sort through your possessions so that you know you are only packing the items that you are certain that you want to bring with you.

Some people have found that clearing out before you have even found a buyer can help your property sell quicker as you have a clear, clutter-free space which will make your property look larger and more enticing.

Meditate –

Give yourself a minute to start with a clear mind. It’s the best thing to start with a clear head.

Go one room at a time –

Working through each room can stop you rushing about and getting muddled.

Go through every draw and cupboard thoroughly –

Sorting your items into three main piles can be useful to identify what you want to keep, sell/donate, or throw away. Allocating a single space to keep these piles while you de-clutter the whole house is a smart move so consider clearing a room, or your garage before you make a start.

Garages, basements, and attics are notorious for housing a whole host of forgotten items so bear this in mind and plan accordingly – perhaps carving out a full weekend is what you need as opposed to a single morning or afternoon. Alternatively we at Manor from Heaven can help to clear the hardest to reach attic space, basement or garage quickly and affordably.

Start with paper –

In every home, paper tends to accumulate the most. It might even take you a whole day just to deal with all the documents, manuals and old books. Once the paper is cleared you will feel better.

Make sure you are well equipped with plenty of bin liners, sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspapers and a sharpie pen to pack the items you are keeping and separate the ones you are not.

Separate your unwanted items –

Create 3 piles. Pile one is for broken items, the second is for items that still work, but you don’t want them. The third is for items that are fine but you feel they would just take up space.

The first pile will obviously need to go in the bin or be recycled. It’s a good idea to make sure there isn’t anything hazardous for the environment – old mobile phones, batteries, electrical items and anything that does not fall in the category of domestic junk and might pose some degree of danger. You can also, make use of a rubbish removal service like Manor from Heaven if some of these items are too bulky, and especially if we’re talking about electronics.

For the items in the other 2 piles consider if they’re fit enough to work for someone else. You can give them away to friends and family, and even sell off some of them.

How much does a house clearance cost?

If you’re planning to clear the unwanted items yourself there are several things to consider such as a van or skip hire, the opening hours of your local Household Waste Recycling Centre, enlisting helpers to assist you in lifting the heavier objects – not to mention taking the time out from your weekend.

Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a waste removal company like Manor from Heaven to get rid of everything for you safely, sustainably, and as stress-free as possible. Our reputable and reliable team can remove rubbish from anywhere on your property – whether it’s in the shed, garden, garage, or attic, we can help with a full house clearance.

If you are feeling bogged down by your mess and clutter or you need help clearing out a hard to reach area of your property ready for a move, please get in touch to find out more about our house clearance services by using our contact form or calling us on +44 1643 863 381

Manor from Heaven operate across Somerset and Devon helping households and businesses. From House clearance to office clearance we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today.

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