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Top Tips & Tricks for Clearing Your Garden

Garden Clearance

Tips & Tricks for Clearing Your Garden

What is a Garden Clearance?

For those looking to have a clean out of the garden shed or a clearing of your unkept garden, the thought of getting out amongst the overgrown bushes and garden rubbish can be overwhelming. Garden clearance can be one of those jobs that gets put off. However time will come when you need to clear out the garden and use it again for leisure purposes or perhaps due to a house sale.

Garden clearance involves removing any overgrown bushes, plants, vegetation or rubbish that may have grown when left unmaintained. Whatever needs clearing should be then taken away and disposed of in a Zero-to-Landfill way, meaning as much as possible will be recycled, thereby ensuring we are as environmentally conscious as possible.

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking away a big old pile of rubbish that has grown over time. Or it could be a shed that’s full of stuff you no longer need but can’t move. Here is a list of all of the refuse that garden clearance companies can collect, remove and dispose of during the process of garden clearance:

  • Garden refuse
  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • General waste
  • Appliances
  • Builder’s waste

Some further charges maybe applied for the size, weight and type of rubbish.

Why should you keep your garden clear?

A garden is a great place to spend time and can help create a happier household and a more valuable home.

Having your garden cleared is about making your home and garden look good as well as making it safe for your family and the world for years to come. You don’t want built-up rubbish attracting rodents and other animals, making your garden unsanitary and unsafe.

Garden Clearance Somerset
Garden Clearance Somerset – before
Garden Clearance Somerset
Garden Clearance Somerset – after

How much does a Garden Clearance cost?

The cost of garden clearance is affected by a number of key factors and are generally quoted per hour or per load, or even based on the particular type of waste to be cleared. Some further charges maybe applied for the size, weight and type of rubbish.

The price you’ll pay for someone to clear your garden could be determined by:

  • Where you live
  • Accessibility to the property
  • The size of the pile of rubbish
  • The weight of the load
  • The time it takes to remove the refuse
  • The type of rubbish you need discarding

How do I recycle garden waste

Some local authorities provide a special bin for your garden waste and collect it as part of their household collection scheme. If you don’t have this type of collection service or your bin is full, you can recycle garden waste at your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre. Usually there is a cost for having a special bin for your garden waste and also limitations on what can be collected and what cannot.

A Garden Clearance company like Manor From Heaven can offer a more comprehensive clearance solution in a more cost effective manor by removing larger amounts and various types of rubbish.

How do I choose a Garden Clearance Company?

At Manor From Heaven we offer a complete and specialised garden clearance and redesign service across Minehead, Taunton, Wellington, Bridgewater, Devon and Somerset.

Our team can undertake everything from general tidying, lawn mowing and hedge trimming to a complete clearance of your overgrown and out of control garden.

We use the latest safety equipment and our long standing experience to clear or even level any garden.

We also offer shed and barn clearance services removing old items to be either disposed of or recycled where possible.

We run a Zero-to-Landfill policy, meaning as much as possible will be recycled, thereby ensuring we are as environmentally conscious as possible.

We are a fully licensed and insured house and garden clearance Limited Company based in Somerset UK.

To Get a Free Estimate Call us on +44 1643 863 381 or use the form below to send us details about your requirements.

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