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Hoarding House Cleaning Services

In the below article we talk about our Hoarding House Cleaning Services and how we can help people who suffer from hoarding.

Many hoarders in the UK are simply unaware of how quickly their homes can accumulate clutter. After years of living with their hoarding habits and disorder, they find themselves unable to keep up with the sheer volume of stuff that has accumulated. When it becomes too much for them to handle, many take a drastic measures and become reclusive and suffer social and physical problems.

At Manor From Heaven with our hoarding house cleaning services we are specialists in dealing with challenging house and property clearances. Our team provide a range of service to help clear houses that have been occupied by a someone suffering from mental disorders like hoarding.

What is hoarding disorder?

In 2013 hoarding was classified as a mental disorder and classed as an illness that can be compounded by living behind closed doors. In recent months and during the COVID-19 pandemic we have noticed an increase in hoarding and the effects in can have on the mental wellbeing of those that suffer trauma when presented with the decision to throw items away.

Hoarding is frequently a symptom of a deeper psychological problem that can be attributed to distress that could have been caused by a bereavement such as the loss of a loved one.

How can we recognise a hoarder?

It can be extremely difficult to recognise someone who is suffering from this type of disorder. It isn’t that a hoarder finds it difficult to dispose of things but that they become traumatised by it. This can be both mentally and physically draining when faced on a moment by moment basis. Some signs to watch out for are when a person puts a high value or emotional attachment on an object that most see as worthless. For example this could be a tea bag or a sugar packet.

How dangerous is hoarding?

Hoarding is both dangerous to the physical health of the hoarder and also the social and mental health. In some case there can be risk of fire, infestation, mould, damp and a degrading of the property that they reside in.

How can I help a hoarder?

It’s can be very hard to help a hoarder due to the fact that suffers will generally make the subject of their hoarding difficult to discuss. They will more often than not refuse to let people in the house and avoid discussing the problem. 

If you suspect that someone is suffering from a hoarding disorder there are some organisations that do exist to help including Hoarding Disorders UK which offer expert advice and practical support to those affected.

How many hoarders are there in the UK?

As a diagnosed condition, it is believed to affect up to 5% of the population.

How much does it cost to clear a hoarders property?

The cost of clearing out a hoarder's home varies depending on where they live and the services needed. For example, someone who lives has lived with this disorder for a long period of time can typically have every area of the property covered with newspapers, paper, boxes, food cartons and unopened letters.

How long does it take to clear a hoarders home?

Depending on the size and type of materials to be removed Hoarding House Cleaning Services can take anywhere between 1 day to 3 days typically with a 2 man team.

How can Manor From Heaven Help?

We specialise in dealing with complex house clearances as a result of hoarding. We offer support via both the Hoarding House Cleaning Services we provide but also with mental support whilst removing or clearing a property or home. With our experience we can delicately approach the task of clearing out a hoarders home with the support of either the family and relatives or with social services.

We would never advise to do a forced cleanup in this type of scenario as this can cause extreme trauma for the sufferer. If however they feel they are ready to clear their home and cannot see past all the rubbish this is usually a good sign. Our focus is always on the hoarder and what is right for them and their mental well being.

Once you have the support you need we can help you by coming and looking at the size of the job and then advising you through the process to ensure an efficient and conscientious clearing and cleaning action.

In most cases there may be damage to the property both structurally and to the contents.

We can perform the following services to help put the house back in to a home.

  • Removal of furniture
  • Removal of rubbish and waste
  • Deep cleaning and clearance of the property including outbuildings or gardens
  • Recovery of important documents 
  • Prepare the property for sale
  • Destruction of papers and hard drives

Is your company registered to transport waste?

We are a fully insured and registered licensed Waste Carrier

What do Manor From Heaven Do?

At Manor From Heaven we focus on supporting our customers through not only our clearance services but also in ensuring the quality of their mental health and wellbeing. We understand that clearing a home can be stressful which is why we always perform our services with respect and care for the home owners and the family relatives.

Manor From Heaven operate across Somerset and Devon performing hoarding property clearance, bereavement clearance, house clearance and garden clearance services. We are a fully insured and registered licensed Waste Carrier and rated as a 5* Google business.

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